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Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy) and Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) confront a very familiar foe.

I love this so so so much!!!

Awe yea dawg!! Batman being batman against batman!!



LEX LUTHOR- The megalomaniac self declared King of Metropolis. Using his brilliant mind, and scientific genius, Luthor left his rural beginnings of Smallville behind him to start the most powerful corporate empire in America. Owning half of Metropolis, Luthor controlled it all…until Superman. This alien arrived in Metropolis as a self-proclaimed protector, to usurp his empire. Now Luthor’s entire existence has been dedicated to getting Superman out of his way and to take back the city, and to be back in control by whatever means necessary.

BRAINIAC- The alien entity known as Brainiac is a scourge of the galaxies. Travelling across universes, abducting and shrinking cities to bottle them up and collect and absorb their information, destroy the rest of their civilization, and keep it all for himself. Brainiac is obsessed with knowledge, for after all, it is power. Brought to Earth by a LexCorp transmission, Brainiac’s next goal is Metropolis and the prized Last Kryptonian that it holds.

BIZARRO- Lex Luthor’s failed attempt at cloning Superman. Born with Superman’s heart and powers, but with a warped brain. Bizarro, believing himself to be Superman, nearly destroyed the city in his attempts to save it. But through rigorous brainwashing, and personality control, Luthor has warped the poor clone into being his mindless and obedient puppet, another victim to Luthor’s madness.

METALLO- John Corben was a good soldier. General Sam Lane’s right-hand man, Corben was hand selected to be the test subject for Lex Corp’s Metallo-Battlesuit. In an attempt to impress and win the heart of Lois Lane, the battlesuit disastrously malfunctioned, and Corben’s body was nearly destroyed. Through the generous and timely intervention of Lex Luthor himself, Corben’s skeleton was replaced by replaced with a Metallo-replicate, powered by the radiation from a Kryptonite rock. Despite his accident, Corben’s kryptonite-heart still beats only for Lois Lane, and intends to have her at any cost.

PARASITE- Rudy Jones is a parasite. A greedy mooch to his very soul, Jones’ avarice is matched only by his laziness. After a Lane-Kent expose on Lex Corp corruption headlines the Daily Planet, Planet janitor, Rudy Jones, ends up becoming the victim of Luthor’s latest revenge scheme. Experimenting on Jones, and mutating him into a literal parasite that feeds on the skills, memories, and energies of all those he touches, Luthor sets the Paraiste loose at the Planet. But once he gets his first taste of Superman’s power, the Parasite will stop at nothing to have it all.

ZOD- Superman grew up knowing he was the Last Son of Krypton. The sole survivor of a lost alien race, he has bared that weight for most of his life. But when the Phantom Zone projector (embedded on his rocket by Jor-el intended as an ark to save all of Krypton’s population) reveals survivors trapped inside, Superman is overjoyed to find he is not alone any longer. But Superman soon learns the horrifying truth that the only remaining Kryptonians are a trio of warlords led by the vicious General Zod. Intent on conquering Earth, Zod will stop at nothing to build a New Krypton in his image.

everything about this is wrong….


BMO From Adventure Time, Brought To Life

I want one right now. Will pay for it to be built….


BMO From Adventure Time, Brought To Life

I want one right now. Will pay for it to be built….

Welcome back internets. in this episode we find out what is really behind all the evil and what the hell was going on before you end up a slave of Malag Bol

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